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Canning Gages can lower scrap rates and set up time. Here's how:
    If you press-fit can lid seams, use the Force Controls Indicator Cell that's designed especially for your operation.

    Once proper spring loads are established with the Model 8050CS or Model 1050CS Force Cell, you can quickly and easily job-set multiple-station canning machines. This not only helps reduce costly set-up times, but proper spring loads virtually eliminate can scrappage.

    Accurate, compact and rugged, these cells come with an adjustable self-loading micrometer dial, calibrated in thousandths. This means you may accurately deflect spring-loaded can wear plates to any desired dimension.

    The vertical deflection of the cell is low (approximately .008" full range) and is printed on the dial face so you can compensate for errors caused by vertical deflection of the cell by rotating the dial as indicated.
For general can use:      Both models offer internal overload protection and comes complete with loading wrench and protective case.
MODEL 8050CS $1,800.00
For shorter cans:
MODEL 1050CS $1,600.00
*Range: 25-500 lbs./10-225 Kgs. *Range: 25-500 lbs./10-225 Kgs.
Increment Value: 5 lbs. Each Increment Value: 5 lbs. Each
Overload Capacity: 1200 lbs. Overload Capacity: 1200 lbs.
Accuracy: 1% Full Scale Accuracy: 1% Full Scale
Approx. Weight: 3 lbs. Approx. Weight: 3 lbs.
Vertical Deflection: .008" Full Range Vertical Deflection: .008" Full Range
  *Other ranges available by special request.
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